Shakir – Jakir


On the way to Aurangabad, I stopped for chai at a small village named Udangaon. At the tea stall, I heard harmonium playing somewhere close by. My curiosity pulled me in the direction of the sound. I reached the place and surprisingly it turned outto bethe houseof local shayars- Shakir-Jakir , two bot hers, humble and blessed with the heritage of shayari. Basically ,they were khandani shayars, their many generations have been into shayari and funkaari.

They welcomed a str anger whole- heartedly and in no time the whole family joined in the conversation.While having lunch, l asked them , ‘kuch sunayenge’.

The place was small, so they took all instruments outside their house under a tree.The whole village gathered in excitement.The setup of an almost-concert, on the backdrop of an old masjid and the energy of villagers made me reach out to my camera.

In no time a humble request turned into a private-mushaiyara and a treat for the villagers. Lucky to have met the gifted jodi and their warm family, and of course, grateful that their musical journey reaffirmed to me the value of sticking to the art.

By the way, after this rendezvous, a new playlist was added to my music.

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