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Mukul Raut is a Professional Photographer and a Film-maker. Have about a decade-long experience in Fashion, Advertising, and Celebrity Photography. Some of the brands he partnered with are McDonald’s, Coke, Samsung, HP, Vistara, Spice Jet, Del Monte, Dabur, Numero Uno, Levis, Tata, Godrej, Airtel, Havells, Panasonic, Yatra, Nokia, Maruti, etc. He is well known as a Cannes-winning photographer and No.1 Advertising photographer in Delhi.

His style of artistic photography is out of the box. His love for creativity and storytelling paved an obvious way for him in Film-making & Directing TV Commercials, Digital Films & Music Videos. Samsung, Numero Uno, Tata AIG, BSF, etc being some of them in his credentials. the look of his films is stylish, upmarket, and very high-fashion.

His films are pathbreaking, emotional and out of the real world. He is a great creative guy to work with if you’re looking for outstanding brand work. He works with the cream of technicians who are passionate, young, and award-winning. He enjoys directing this, long digital films, travel shows, and documentaries.

He satiates the artist side in him by being a travel vlogger and by creating thought-provoking content. He travels to unexplored terrains every now and then. His travel stories are very inspiring. He chooses destinations on the way by the way. Be it a picture, place explored, sculptor, installation, story or a song, love or life, you’ll find aesthetics everywhere. All in all a content creator.

In his early advertising years only he became a Cannes-winning Art Director and Creative Director. He has worked with leading advertising agencies of India like Mccan, Rediffusion, Lowe, and Leo Burnett and created brand communications across TV, Press, Radio, Outdoor, Online, Social Engagement, Digital Experiential, Product, and Service Innovation. Some of the Brands I have launched and built over years include McDonald’s, Coke, Samsung, Minute Maid, Maruti, Chevy, Airtel, Uninor, Fever 104, Greenply. And he has worked with some talented people of advertising like Nitesh Tiwari, V. Sunil, Sainath Saraban, Ajay Gehlot, Pops, and Anil Verma.

He thanks the J.J. School of Art for nurturing the aesthetics sense in him.

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BSF Campaign by Mukul Raut

Mukul Raut is well known, award winning photographer from Delhi. He has made a place for himself both in Delhi and Mumbai as the best fashion photographer, best advertising photographer, best celebrity Photographer, best food photographer, best lifestyle photographer, best product photographer, etc. He is amongst the top 10 photographers of Delhi and Mumbai. He is also well known amongst the fine art photographers. Look up for his work in Mukul Raut photography, Mukul Raut advertising photography, Mukul Raut celebrity photography, Mukul Raut Food photography, and you’d the see scale of his work and skill. He works with the top stylists, make-up artists, supermodels, modeling agencies, art directors, creative directors on top brands and with top ad agencies. His client list and agency list is endless. His portraits are a visual treat. His out-of-the-box visualization has made him the best photographer in Delhi.

BSF Campaign by Mukul Raut

Mukul Raut is prominent in the field of art and aesthetics. You will find that Purpose, intension, structure, path, installations, sculptures, all have art at its core. His education at JJ School of Art strengthened his inner urge and kept him committed as an artist on the journey of life without getting distracted. He is a contemporary artist and finds joy in creating murals, modern art, wall art, pop art etc. He plays with paint brushes, colors, mediums, charcoal, acrylic in such a unique way to create art work and compositions never seen before. His studio is a home for colors and fine art. Currently he is in prep for his Solo Exhibition. He is amongst the top 10 artists in Delhi and Mumbai.

Dish Tv INDIA Shot by Mukul Raut

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Dish Tv INDIA Shot by Mukul Raut

Mukul Raut is amongst the top 10 creative directors of Delhi with some great advertising in his portfolio.He is known for outstanding ideation, visualisation, creative approach, innovation, and bizarre work that stands out in the field of food, fashion, lifestyle, product, service,fmcg, when it comes to both films and design. His art direction made him popular at a very young age. He has a deep insight on the psyche of the society and that has helped him lead launches which are today amongst top 10 brand launches. He has mostly launched High-fashion brands and known for the brand identity and the brand look he gives his brands. In his advertising stint, he has worked in leadings advertising agencies of India like Mccan, Redifusion, Lowe and Leo Burnett and created brand communications across TV, Press, Radio, Outdoor, Online, Social Engagement, Digital Experiential, Product and Service Innovation.Some of the Brands he has launched and built over years include McDonald’s, Coke, Samsung, Minute Maid, Maruti, Chevy, Airtel, Uninor, Fever 104, Greenply. He has been a AAAI winner, Cannes winner, OneShow, Spike, Radio Mirchi, D & AD for his innovation in outdoor, print, digital, TVCs and Radio Spots. He has been lucky to have worked with some talented people of advertising like Nitesh Tiwari, V. Sunil, Sainath Saraban, Ajay Gehlot, Pops and Anil Verma.

Mukul Raut Clicked Candid

Mukul Raut is a talented and independent filmmaker from India, who is doing interesting work that is well worth following. Watch his ad films, short films, digital films, music videos, travel stories on YouTube. He feels the art of storytelling requires sensibility and demands enriching life experiences. He wants to create cinema that is realistic. He works with best production houses, best cinematographers, best musicians, best Scriptwriters, lyricists,
best editors, best actors and technicians to create entertaining and heart-touching stories. He is an independent filmmaker and works in Delhi, Mumbai and Nepal. Be it a romantic film, a comedy, a drama or an action thriller, the look and feel of his films is very out of the box. He spends a lot of time on film craft. Just basic movie making and creating blockbusters is not his intention, he wants to tell stories that come out of realities of the world. He uses his skill and knowledge of equipment to create each piece that seems like a Director’s cut. He loves his Sony as much as he loves the characters he creates.

Mukul Raut Clicked Candid

Check out the videos of Mukul Raut roadside and off road side life that will give an idea of his wanderlust, the passion for traveling and endless journies. He has explored such exotic places which you won’t find in air bnb or Lonely Planet or even in Thomas Cook. His 4 by 4 travels and the stories thereafter are more infectious than Mahindra Holidays. His travel dairies tell stories of M.P Tourism, Kerala Tourism, Andaman Tourism, Nepal Tourism, Bhutan Tourism, Bangladesh Tourism, Bangkok Diaries etc. He always keeps top 10 unexplored destinations as his brief to himself on the move. He enjoys Solo travel, trekking, hiking, fishing, camping, road-side teas, mountains, lakes, beaches, tree-houses, starry nights and sleeping under the sky or home stays which he calls one-night stands at unknown places. For his Nepal-Bhutan-Bangladesh trip, he crossed boundaries in his 4 x 4 truck. When it comes to road-side life and cross country travel, stubborn roads, slippery roads, speed breakers, dead ends, passports, visas, boundaries don’t matter to him. His travel bug satiates the gypsies in him. Click on Mukul Raut On the way by the way side to know more about Mukul Rauts travel escapades. His travel stories include stories on resorts, cafes, rafting, swimming, archery, shooting, hunting. He believes his truck is his real soulmate guiding him like a GPS.

If you find two cups lying in a beautiful setting, know that Mukul Raut could be around. For he finds hiseveryday bliss in finding best spots, best cafes in Delhi, best cafes in Mumbai, Best cafes in Kathmandu topour his love for his tea time. He calls it his me-time, where he dips in some self love and soulful time. These are his moments with his cup of tea everyday with something new. Sometimes it is an fulfilled dream, sometimes he finds him with a setting sun, many times he raises his cup to the running clouds, at times he finds himself drowned in some long forgotten memories and sometimes just a little me-time with his crazy thoughts. His two cups storytelling even got the brands like Red Label, Waghbakri Tea etc chasing him for such freshly brewed tea pictures. Check out his Solo times for his Chai times or if you’re a chai lover yourself.

Mukul Raut is a very popular vlogger. He explores different kind of people, places, values, experiencing their lifestyles and pace to understand himself better. His travellogue includes new unexplored places, top 10 adventurous spots of Delhi, top 10 places to visit in Nepal, top 10 places to visit in Bhutan, top 10 places in Bangladesh, trips to Maharashtra, top 10 places to visit in London, top 10 places in Amsterdam, top 10 places in Paris, best cafes of world etc. He has covered stories on locals of Maharashtra, Locals of Nepal, Locals of Bhutan, best street food of the world, traveling light, backpackers spots, sunsets of India, best Sunrises, best office spaces out in nature, budget travel, off-roading etc. He is a social media influencer who is followed by travellers, bagpackers for best homestays, best roading trips, life on the wheels, gypsie life, tentlife, life on mountains etc.

Mukul Raut is an artist and after exploring the J.J College, he feels art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. After passing out from the best college of arts in Asia, he set high standards for himself as an artist as a proundalumini of J.J. School of Art. Mukul Raut is a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters in Fine Art. He is an art gold medalist from J.J. and a popular ex student for this college that hosts nothing but art geniuses.


Mukul is a skilled photographer, he knows how to record the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and the skies that man has inherited. He is a thinker, observer and he logs his observations under Mukul Raut vlogs. His travels out in the world allow him to travel in. Check out Mukul Raut on the way by the way and other travel-out and travel-in stories like Yogi on the way by the way, Khaptad Baba, Shree Shaileshwari Temple, Mukul Raut journey, Friends Mukul Raut, Realist, Budar stories, Khaptaad, Sisters and mothers fun, Fun with sisters, Babyfun, Tuglaqabaad fort, Fort of Tuglaq, Shakir-Jakir, Bikaner, Dhanoli village, khondamali village etc.

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